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Our Physicians have been trained in Germany, Japan and United states and have international recognition for their outstanding clinical work. We at Aveya IVF and Surrogacy centre India treat a wide range of fertility problems with acceptance, warmth and dignity. We are committed to offering compassionate care to anyone who wants to become a parent, and will walk with you every step of your treatment till you fulfill your dreams of becoming a parent.

Our fertility center India combines state-of-the-art innovation in reproductive medicine with a multidisciplinary approach to better attend to the physical, emotional and spiritual needs of our patients. Our entire staff is dedicated to helping people move through the challenges of becoming a parent through fertility treatment, insemination, fertility drugs, IVF, ART, egg donation, and gestational surrogacy.

Aveya offers couples who hope to be parents, a team of world-class specialists from Germany, Japan and the United States, committed to bringing you the best of IVF treatment, today. This is absolutely unique in India! We understand that each patient is different, which means that each cycle is also going to be unique. We, at Aveya strive to give our patients the personalized treatment and the care they deserve, doing so with utmost confidentiality.

Financial constraints shouldn’t prevent you from starting a family, so we offer a variety of affordable fertility options. We provide discounted costs and pricing for IVF, IUI, egg freezing and more.

Aveya Fertility

Conceiving a baby is something you never thought you’d need to work for. But if you are unable to conceive a baby, you’re not alone. We’re always with you at every step of achieving a successful and positive pregnancy. We at Aveya offer a friendly environment at our fertility clinic for the fertility care you deserve.

We offer you five different treatment packages designed specifically based on your individual needs and preferences. We will be by your side to help you make the right package choice that best suits you and your requirements. However, as we customized the protocols to each individual patient, treatment may vary from case to case. Our treatments use the state-of-the-art facility to emphasize minimal stimulation. Our main goal is to make it easy for infertile couples to receive the best infertility treatments. Once your specialist recommends you for IVF treatment, we first perform minimal stimulation and Natural IVF cycle which allow us to know about your body by which we can help you amplify and improve your own, natural occurring fertility.

Moreover, instead of transferring a number of embryos for hoping positive pregnancy, we at Aveya carefully analyze and adjust treatment protocols to nurture highest quality eggs lead to pregnancy with single embryo transfer. Our experienced and skilled embryologists know that every embryo has its own capacity to embed and this will only develop when it will be transferred alone. We believe the transformation of multiple embryos in a single cycle reduce each embryo’s capacity and subsequently reduce the pregnancy rate per stimulation. At Aveya, we have advanced, state-of-the-art techniques for vitrification which has a thaw-survival-rate of up to 99%, allowing you to freeze extra embryos which you can use during optimal implantation conditions.

Aveya: Unique Care and Customized IVF

At Aveya IVF Centre India, we offer a unique care tailored to particular treatment requirements as compared to other IVF clinics to maximize your chance of having a baby. We customize the treatment plans which suits each individual patient based on their requirements and fertility health status to make it easier for them to receive the best fertility care.Our highly qualified and experienced doctors will work with you personally to design a customized treatment plan for you on the basis of your preferences and treatment required while offering you expert advice and support throughout your parenthood journey. At Aveya, your success story and health is our first priority, and we are ready to support you at every step of your journey to becoming a parent.

Achieving highest pregnancy rate with customized protocols and IVF techniques, lead us to stick with these successful treatment options and also make the sort of responsive judgment calls that can only be made by physicians who understand how to listen to the body.

Time Freeze

Egg freezing is a revolutionary technique that provides women who need to delay pregnancy, for medical or for elective reasons, fertility options. The primary predictor of pregnancy success is the age of the egg. Therefore as women age, pregnancy rates decline and miscarriage rates increase. Freezing eggs at a younger age allows women to take advantage of the higher pregnancy rates associated with their youth for use in the future when they are older whether it is for a second child or when natural conception does not occur. Since there is no guarantee of success even when women have frozen eggs, women are encouraged to re-evaluate their fertility goals regularly so that they can make informed decisions especially when having a genetic child is desired.


Egg freezing and pregnancy rates

To date, there are tens of thousands live-births worldwide from thawed frozen eggs. Women freeze eggs for both medical and elective reasons. The number of eggs that should be frozen is based on a woman’s medical history, fertility goals, and age at egg freezing.



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Gestational Surrogacy

Surrogacy is usually considered when woman cannot carry a child of her own because of some medical issues such as absence of a functional uterus; having underlying medical issues which could result in great risk for would-be mother or baby during pregnancy; history of repeated IVF failure without a known reason; recurrent miscarriages and for gay couples and individuals looking to have their own genetic child.


Only a qualified and experienced fertility specialist can recommend Gestational Surrogacy. In this surrogacy treatment, both the intended mother and surrogate mother are first put on contraceptive pills in their previous cycle to synchronize with each other’s cycle. The intended mother undergoes the egg retrieval process, similarly as in vitro fertilization process. Once the embryos are ready, then they are transferred to the uterus of the surrogate mother (or the gestational carrier). In most of the case, the intended parents stay in touch with the gestational carrier and providing full support throughout the pregnancy.

The success rate of gestational surrogacy is higher than the traditional surrogacy because the intended mother’s eggs are used. In the case of donor eggs and gestational carrier, the success rate is as good as the age of the donor which usually results in 75-80% pregnancy rate.

The medical procedure of Gestational Surrogacy is very much identical with Egg donation process. However the difference is only that the Gestational surrogate becomes the ‘recipient’. For Gestational Surrogacy, the woman (the intended mother or the egg donor) whose eggs will be used need to undergo an IVF cycle and at the same time, the surrogate (gestational carrier) needs to prepare her uterus with few injections (estrogen and progesterone) for conception. The eggs are then retrieved from the donor through a painless surgical procedure.

Egg Donation

The effect of age on a woman’s egg

Several factors are there that can lead you to an infertile stage and your age is one of the most important factors influencing your chance of conceiving. Though IVF has gained so much popularity because of its higher success rate, the only factor which can greatly affect the success rate of IVF is the age of the eggs used in the process. As you are aging, your eggs quality and quantity diminish and reduce your capability to conceive, especially after the age of 36.

Age is something we cannot control, and when a woman is not able to conceive because of her age, then doctors often recommend her to use donor’s egg instead of her own eggs to conceive a baby. The success rate of egg donation is bit higher because of the high- quality eggs used in the process which retrieved from women in their twenties. Donor eggs are used when intended mother has varied reproductive health issues such as premature ovarian failure, IVF failure due to prior eggs quality, genetic disease, and decreased ovarian reserve. Moreover, donor eggs are also used in gestational surrogacy to allow similar sex couples to have their own genetic baby.

Egg Donation Process

Once a donor has been selected, the doctor prescribed medications to both the donor and the recipient in order to synchronize the menstrual cycle of donor and the recipient. The process can take several months (4 to 6 weeks) depending on the normal cycle of donor and intended mother. Once doctor feels that donor reaches the criteria to produce mature eggs for retrieval process, he’ll give you HCG (human chorionic gonadotropin), to finalize the egg’s maturation and after that specialist retrieve eggs from the ovaries with the help of a needle attached to an internal ultrasound probe. Then an embryologist evaluates the eggs and placed them with healthy sperm for fertilization. The whole process is very much similar to standard IVF where eggs are retrieved, fertilized, and then transferred to the intended mother’s uterus for further growth. With donor’s egg, the pregnancy rate is around 75-80% with more than 65% delivery rate per cycle.

Selecting an egg donor




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