Common Signs Of Infertility You Should Look Out For

Fertility issues are not anything that can be ignored. If at any point in your life you are trying to conceive or get pregnant, it is really important that you should know about the fertility issues clearly. Estimation says that nearly 50 million couples across the globe experience infertility. There are certain tests for establishing any fertility problem in a person. One cannot tell simply by looking at a person that he or she is fertile or not. A healthy person living a normal and healthy lifestyle may also have such infertility issues. Secondary infertility is more common than primary fertility. This means that women who have given birth to a child earlier can experience trouble in getting pregnant again and are more than the women who have never given birth to a live one before.

While it is important to maintain a healthy lifestyle and is recommended to everyone for keeping it so, most of the people do not follow it. Fertility issues can occur with anyone and sometimes are unavoidable. There are certain signs in our body which tell that a person may be having some fertility issue. Identifying these signs can help the couples to seek medical assistance before anything worsens and to start their family for which they have been planning for. This blog tells you about some of these early signs of infertility that you must note for and tell your doctor or fertility specialist.

Signs Of Infertility In The Females

Irregular Periods

The average or normal menstrual cycle in women is of 28 days. A few days earlier than that and a few days later is considered normal and as long as a clear pattern is not followed for a long time (shorter or longer menstrual cycle that happens regularly), it is fine and the woman is out of trouble. But when the cycle deviates from the normal period for so much that it becomes to even estimate when the next period is going to occur then there is certainly some serious issue. This deviation from the normal pattern can be because of Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS) or some hormonal imbalances in the body. These issues can account for infertility in a woman.

Heavy or Painful Periods

At least one in every ten women experiences heavy or painful periods. They are accompanied by cramps that are not at all normal and hurt very much. This could happen because of uterine fibroids. Also, if there is a lot of pain during periods or during sex, heavy rectal pain or unnatural vaginal bleeding, this might indicate endometriosis. If you face any of such problems, you shouldn’t ignore these signs and consult with a doctor immediately.

Imbalances in Hormonal Level

Fluctuations in the hormonal levels might indicate a number of fertility issues in women. Some of the essential female hormones are Estrogen, Progesterone, Prolactin, Luteinizing Hormone (LH), Follicle Stimulating Hormone (FSH), thyroid hormones, etc. If they are not at their normal levels, they can cause irregularities in the menstrual cycle and in turn affect the fertility in a woman. The signs of such hormonal imbalances are rapid weight gain, facial hair growth, rapid hair loss, skin issues or reduced sex drive. If you experience any of these signs, you must consult a doctor.

Apart from these, there are some more signs like:

  • Intermenstrual spotting which may indicate the growth of endometrial polyps in the uterus lining
  • Rapid increase in facial acne in women well past their puberty stage
  • Ruptured appendix which can cause tubal occlusions or pelvic adhesions
  • Autoimmune conditions like Type I Diabetes or systemic lupus erythematosus

If you happen to experience such signs, it is strongly suggested to contact a fertility specialist and receive their valuable guidance and treatment to counter such problems and enhance your chances of getting pregnant.

Signs Of Infertility In The Males

Changes in the Genital Region

If there are some abnormalities in the genital region you should look out for such signs as they may indicate some fertility problems. It may be swelling in veins that is blocking the passage of sperms. The testicles may shrink or enlarge in size. Also, if the person has experienced some issue in the testicles or the prostate in the past, it may cause fertility problems.

Sudden Changes in Body Or Facial Hair

If there are some rapid changes in the body or facial hair of the man, it indicates hormonal imbalances in the body. It also includes changes in the color and texture of the hair. Apart from the hair, sudden proliferation of facial acne or changes in face complexion may also suggest the same. These are signs that your fertility is affected.

Loss of Libido

In about 40 to 50 % of cases of infertile couples, the male partner has some problem. Men who have pain in ejaculation, swelling in testicles or loss of libido (sexual desire) could be suffering from a fertility problem.

There are some more signs that are related to fertility problems in men such as:

  • A previous diagnosis of a varicocele
  • History of testicular infection
  • Erectile dysfunction
  • Some spinal cord injuries may also affect fertility

These all infertility problems are treatable by experts. Make sure you visit a doctor and seek a treatment that suits best for you. Our doctors at Aveya IVF ensure that you are able to conceive a child.

Seeking Medical Help for Infertility Issues

For the young couples who are experiencing problems in conceiving a child, it is recommended that they seek medical help after a year of unsuccessful attempts at achieving pregnancy. For the couples who have aged, wasting more time is just unnecessary. Fertility specialists suggest that women who are of age thirty five or more should seek medical help after 6 months of trying. The correct treatment plan can give added help to couples and can incredibly build their odds of conceiving a healthy child. Make certain to check the qualifications and certifications of the doctors required to guarantee the proper care and the most suitable treatment plan.

Schedule a meeting with an expert to decide the reasons for infertility can regularly give understanding into the best medications for these issues. Counseling with a fertility specialist will enable women to recognize the reason behind not getting pregnant and start the way toward treating these issues to accomplish the best chances at a healthy pregnancy. In a similar manner, men ought to counsel with a fertility specialist to decide whether a male factor is included. 20% of the instances of couples unable to get pregnant are expected exclusively to a male factor. In the event that we consider that thirty to forty percent of cases have both female and male factor included, at that point fifty to sixty percent of the time there is a male factor having an effect on everything.

Aveya IVF has experienced doctors and fertility specialist along with advanced technical labs who can identify the problems a couple is facing in getting pregnant and help them in conceiving a child successfully.

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