Egg Donation


Egg Donor Clinic in India

Men and women around the world are combating a wide range of fertility related problems these days because of the environmental changes and poor lifestyle. As a result, the proportion of childless couples is increasing in all the countries and one of the main causes of female infertility is low quality of eggs. Aveya Fertility Clinic is a name to trust when it comes to treating problems related to infertility, whatever may be the causes. Amongst different types of treatment techniques available at Aveya are IVF, surrogacy, egg freezing and egg donation in india. The clinic brings the guarantee of high success rate as it is equipped with latest equipment and highly qualified and experienced doctors to handle the most complicated of cases to perfection.

Egg Donation at Aveya

Aveya has become a reputed name in providing world class treatment for such couples who ivfrequire egg donation as their treatment option. Women who cannot produce viable eggs for reproduction or those who are not producing eggs at all due to premature ovarian failure or similar conditions, make the right candidates for this kind of aggressive infertility treatment. In other cases, those who have had numerous failed IVF attempts due to low quality of the eggs, women with genetic disorders and those who do not want to pass these disorders in their offspring or those who are beyond the healthy reproductive age, may also need to make use of healthy donor eggs to get a normal pregnancy. Also, gay couples or single fathers who want to start a family of their own can find the joy of progeny through this popular technique of egg donation clinic in india. Aveya has become a name to reckon with by making patients find the right egg donors for their patients, so that they can easily fulfill their dreams of having their own children through donated eggs.

Aveya-Handling every aspect of Egg Donation

too Egg donation is a complicated medical procedure, which has legal implications, as the donor signs a legal contract whereby she hands over the rights of the donated eggs to the couple who receives the eggs. They can use the eggs to create an embryo and have a baby of their own. It is ensured that the woman who donates her eggs is of such an age that the chances of pregnancy are higher. The donor is also screened for diseases as well as genetic conditions so that the chances of a successful pregnancy with the donated eggs are maximized.

Egg Donation in DelhiAt Aveya, each and every aspect of egg donation is looked after so that it is no longer as complicated as it seems to be. Aveya Egg Donor Clinic promises an excellent success rate for egg donation as well as all other infertility procedures it undertakes. The reason is that a large number of childless couples have been able to fulfill their dreams with the help of affordable and effective treatments offered by Aveya Clinic. To get the best treatment through egg donation, trust the name of Aveya.