Egg Freezing


Over the years, medical science has come across phenomenal progress with diseases of all types getting feasible treatment with research and studies conducted across the globe.

One of the revolutionary techniques used in infertility treatments if egg freezing, which involves harvesting the eggs of a woman at a reproductive age and using them later to help her conceive a child that is genetically hers.

Aveya Fertility Clinic is a well known fertility clinic, which offers a variety of fertility treatments to tackle diverse problems faced by childless couples in the present times.

The clinic has an expert team of fertility specialists with the expertise to provide effective and affordable solutions such as IVF, surrogacy, egg freezing and egg donation.

Egg Freezing at Aveya

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Aveya has today established a name for itself for offering high success rate in various kinds of fertility treatments including egg freezing. This technique is very suitable for women who want to delay pregnancy for medical reasons or some personal causes.

For instance, some women who suffer from cancer, premature menopause or are at high risk of ovarian disease, may want to have their eggs frozen for later use.

In other cases, women may not want to have children because of professional or educational reasons, but they may reduce the chances of pregnancy as they get older. In such women, who want to intentionally delay pregnancy to a later age, they can depend upon the technique of egg freezing to ensure that they can have their own child at a later age.

As a woman reaches a certain age, her ability to get pregnant starts falling and by the time she reaches her forties, she may totally lose her ability to conceive.

Egg freezing comes up as the feasible solution to ensure that she can plan her pregnancy at a later stage, in case she needs to postpone it at present.

Latest Technique for Successful Results

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Egg freezing has become a ground breaking technique which has enabled thousands of women have live births with the technique of thawing frozen eggs.

Aveya Clinic has trained professionals with great expertise in this technique, which gives it the reputation of providing high success rate in this treatment technique as well as all others it is offering.

Women who have to delay pregnancy to a later age now no longer need to fear that they may not have a child of their at all, because the chances of pregnancy declines at a later stage or many of them result in miscarriage.

Women who want to save their eggs for a later stage can now get the services of Aveya to ensure a successful pregnancy later on.

Moreover, the clinic also provides affordable treatment because it does not want people to be deprived of this dream for the want of financial resources.

Here, each patient is given special treatment and each case is considered as a unique one, so success rate is high and most of the patients are able to transform their dreams into reality.