donor-eggsWomen who want a genetic child but are not in a position to conceive presently to pursue educational, professional, or other personal goals may freeze their eggs at a younger age to keep their fertility options open when they are older.  Some women who decide to start having children at an older age also may choose to
freeze eggs for the future for a second child and then start trying to conceive their first child naturally.  If conception does not occur and they fail other reproductive techniques, they may then choose to use the frozen eggs as their best attempt for a genetic child.  Finally, some women choose egg freezing when they object to freezing embryos for moral and/or religious reasons.

At Aveya, we are committed to individualizing treatment and providing personalized care for women because we believe strongly that synchronizing of follicles with IVF stimulation and the timing of triggering ovulation for egg retrieval is critical to harvesting quality viable eggs for future use.