IVF Treatment

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Aveya Fertility Center India has become a leading name for fulfilling the dreams of parenthood visualized by thousands of childless couples who have not been able to have children yet. The IVF clinic Delhi aims to add a personal touch to fertility treatment, endeavoring to treat patients with warmth and compassion.

It boasts of highly trained fertility specialists and medical staff, along with use of state of the art techniques and the latest reproductive medicine and technology, ensuring high success rates for the patients. Additionally, it has made infertility treatment affordable so that people are not deprived the joy of parenting because of financial constraints.

It has already provided successful solutions for the most challenging and hopeless cases through techniques such as IVF, egg donation, surrogacy, IUI and many more, depending upon the physical and emotional needs of the patients.

Aveya-The IVF Specialists

At Aveya, a team of expert specialists from Japan, USA and Germany are constantly working to getIVF Center in India the best fertility treatment and high success rates for childless couples, bringing renewed hopes for even the most complicated cases. Our IVF clinic India considers every case to be unique and ensures that the patients get customizes solutions according to their needs.

This maximizes the chances of success of the treatment as it takes care of each aspect of the physical and emotional needs of every individual patient. Aveya brings diverse treatments under IVF, which makes it a cut above the other clinics in the field of fertility treatment.

These include natural IVF, minimal stimulation IVF, injection free IVF and conventional IVF. Natural IVF is more or less similar to natural reproduction as it is carried out with the natural egg rather than those produced by simulation and is suitable for women who do not want to take a lot of medication and bear the heavy costs for the same.

Another holistic approach to IVF is minimal stimulation IVF, which does not involve an aggressive approach to IVF and carries the simulation by using only oral medication to produce healthy eggs.

Injection free IVF, as the name suggests again uses no injection but oral pills along with nasal sprays to stimulate the egg production in the woman. Aveya also specializes in conventional IVF technique which involves combining the retrieved eggs with sperms to create embryos in the lab and having them implanted in the uterus of the woman.

Depending upon the requirement of the patients, the clinic picks up the IVF technique which is the best to suit their needs and budget. The approach of Aveya is patient friendly rather than materialistic.

Additional Fertility Treatments available at Aveya

Fertility Treatment DelhiIn addition to its specialty in IVF, Aveya also brings a host of other fertility treatments Delhi such as surrogacy, egg donation and egg freezing, out of which one can be chosen according to the issues being faced by the patients. The state of the art facilities along with the availability of world class expertise makes Aveya a one stop destination for childless couples from all over the country and overseas too.